14 Jul 2016

We at Kitchen Fitters Glasgow know how excited our clients are to start designing their dream kitchen just like those of the celebrities in the glossy magazines but before putting pencil to paper or mouse to art software it is important to take a step back and think how you use your kitchen to ensure that the kitchen you design not only looks good but functions efficiently on a day-in, day-out basis rather than something that looks good but is unsuitable for everyday use.

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To achieve this end, the concept of the kitchen triangle was born to help design efficient

kitchen layouts. Don’t worry though, it isn’t complicated like trigonometry or scary like the Bermuda Triangle (and no, Barry Manilow hasn’t sung about the kitchen triangle, as far as we know at least) – it simply highlights the fact that most work in the kitchen happens at three points – the sink, the cooker and the fridge so we imagine these three points joined by imaginary lines to create the kitchen triangle. Using this concept in most kitchens ensures that the layout is efficient so that the three main workstations are within easy reach of the cook without being too cramped and that other people in the kitchen are kept (as much as possible) out of the triangle to ensure a minimum of interruptions to the chef and to try and ensure safety in the kitchen.

It is important to take the triangle as a guideline rather than an absolute rule as the growth of the kitchen as a social space, often with an island in the centre, has meant that it becomes very difficult to incorporate a triangle into all layouts but it remains important to use its principles of efficiency and minimising interference when you are designing your kitchen on paper (or on screen) so you end up with something functional as well as visually appealing.

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Kitchen Fitters Glasgow can help you with all aspects of design and to turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Call us today on 0141 280 2523 to make your (kitchen) dreams come true.

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