14 Jul 2016

Back in the day, kitchen worktops came in a limited number of materials, usually selected for their durability and/or cost-effectiveness, nowadays we see worktops available in all manner of materials and a frequent question from our customers is what material is the best? Well, as with all tough questions, “it depends” is usually the answer, that’s why at Kitchen Fitters Glasgow we look at your specific needs and suggest what our experience tells us will be the most suitable material for your work surfaces.


Below is a list of some of the major worktop materials available and a taster of the pros and cons of each one as a kitchen work surface.





granite worktop

Granite has a long history as a building material and a kitchen work surface due to its combination of an easy-to-maintain durability with beautiful appearance making it a popular choice these days for high-end, bespoke kitchens. It comes with a couple of downsides, one being cost and the other being its heavy weight – making it important that you hire professionals to make the best use of it.


Stainless steel

stainless steel worktops

Stainless steel is an increasingly-popular choice amongst our clients seeking a clean, modernist aesthetic. Its use in commercial kitchens is no coincidence, it is resistant to heat damage and staining and is easy to keep hygienically clean. Its downsides include relatively high cost, its difficulty to shape “on site” and the difficulty of maintaining a perfectly clean look as it tends to show water marks and streaks.



glass kitchen worktop

Another material gaining in popularity is glass which aids a clean, modern aesthetic (particularly when backlit with LEDs) and the toughened safety glass provides a durable, heat-resistant finish. As with stainless steel, it can be kept hygienically clean but shows water marks so requires a fair amount of cleaning. It provides an all-in-one look with no joins but can be very expensive.



kitchen fitters laminate wooden

Once the default choice if granite was just that bit too expensive for you, laminate remains a popular choice – it may not provide the high-end look of steel or glass (although more expensive laminates do a passable imitation of more expensive surfaces) and can be prone to heat damage but it is relatively inexpensive and properly-fitted and sealed can provide attractive work surfaces.



kitchen wooden worktop

Wood remains popular with those clients in historic properties and with those who still favour the farmhouse look. It can provide a beautiful, natural look which ages well (if properly-maintained) and will be a joy for years to come. It is, however, only for those who are prepared to look after, protect and maintain it on a regular basis otherwise it is relatively easy to mark and damage.


Whatever kitchen work surface you choose, a quality finish can be ensured by using the professional installation team at Kitchen Fitters Glasgow. Call us now on 0141 280 2523.

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