19 Jul 2016

Everyone dream’s of a luxury, celebrity style kitchen, but unfortunately most people don’t have the budget for one. However, like a true Glasgow citizen you can be a lot wiser were you shop, what you buy and where you use it, which can create the high-quality look for a much affordable price. For example, try the following:

Painting cabinets
A coat of cabinet paint in an elegant shade can completely transform even the cheapest or tattiest kitchen cabinets. Look online , go to www.youtube.com and watch a video on how to do it, what painting to pick or even hit B&Q and speak to a kitchen specialist.

Add unique light fittings and artwork
The way to turn an off-the-shelf kitchen into a bespoke looking space is to add personal, colourful touches in the form of striking artwork and unique light fittings.

Look for great quality ‘faux’ finishes with replacement worktops
If you love the look of solid wood or real granite but these expensive materials are way out of your price range, there’s good news. There are now lots of worktops on the market which are not quite the real thing, but they look incredibly authentic and realistic. For example, worktops with a real wood veneer and chipboard centre, and laminate worktops which imitate expensive granite and marble. If you choose a good quality imitation, no one but an expert will ever know.

Aim for perfect fitting
A perfectly installed kitchen with an outstanding finish simply sings of quality no matter how cheap the actual kitchen, so make sure you always choose a reputable, skilled kitchen fitter.

Add space to your kitchen with light colours, glass and good lighting. By adding glass cabinets and splashbacks, lighting it properly and bringing in light, bright colours, you can make your kitchen feel twice the size.

Scale down expensive items
If you absolutely adore some tiles but they cost the earth, try having them as a splashback rather than covering the whole kitchen. You’ll save money and will create a standout luxury feature.

Look for ex-display kitchens
If you’re flexible on what you want, look for ex-display designer kitchens that will fit your space as they can often be a fraction of the original price.

Keep cabinets, replace doors and handles
Unless they’re handmade by a specialist joiner, all kitchen cabinet carcasses tend to be the same. If yours are in good condition, keep them and simply replace doors and handles to create a high-end finish without spending much at all.

Remember – less is more
An expensive-looking kitchen is one where the exceptional quality materials speak for themselves, so take this same minimalist approach in your own kitchen. Avoid clutter and aim for sleek, clean lines to emulate the luxury feel.

Kitchen fitters Glasgow have fitted hundreds if not thousands of kitchens so have pretty much seen every style there is – get in touch for advice on creating and fitting a luxury looking kitchen on a budget. 

17 Jul 2016

At Kitchen Fitters Glasgow, we find that many of our clients who are planning a brand new, bespoke kitchen really want to make it their own and create a design that is unique to them and their property. We have the design, joinery and appliance installation experience to help anyone turn their dreams from a clean sheet of paper design via a practical plan into the reality of a beautifully-finished, professionally-fitted kitchen.

To help give you an idea of where to start with the layout of your dream kitchen, you should start by looking at the space available in your property, not just the size but the shape too and this layout is the starting point for your new kitchen.

Below are some of the layouts that we typically come across (and have built) in the Greater Glasgow area.


kitchen layout


The galley kitchen

The prevalence of tenement flats in Glasgow means that we fit a lot of galley-layout kitchens. In this type of flat where floorspace is at a premium, the kitchen is often a small room, frequently long and narrow which means that you should plan your layout around a long single-side workspace to maximise the workspace available rather than treat the area as a potential social space but modern kitchen products ensure that you can achieve an eye-catching and highly functional end result in spite of the limited space available. When planning yours out, it is all about ensuring maximum practicality and that everything is accessible and available and appliance locations don’t interfere with one another e.g. when opened or with heat transfer, vibration and

The U-shaped kitchen

In houses, be they semis in Shawlands or detacheds in Dowanhill, this kitchen layout is one of the most common that we come across. Here, three walls of the kitchen contain wall units and appliances with one wall left free (usually because of the door opening). When you are planning this type of kitchen you need to be careful over what you place in the corners to ensure that doors, drawers and appliances do not foul one another and where you want the high-mounted wall units. This layout fits well into a box-shaped room but can limit the opportunities to use the room as a social or occasional dining area, although in larger spaces a breakfast bar can be incorporated or the U turned into a G-shaped layout by means of adding an additional worktop out into the free floor area which increases both storage and work surface area.

The island kitchen

A modern trend in larger properties has been the incorporation of a separate workstation or eating area in the middle of a kitchen (independent of the other wall-and floor-mounted units of the kitchen). This has come about as the kitchen has increasingly become a social area for both family and friends for regular meals and special occasions. Here at Kitchen Fitters Glasgow we have found that this layout is only really suitable for sizeable kitchens with plenty of free space as the island shouldn’t limit the functionality (and safety) of the rest of the kitchen. Where you have the space, however, the island layout can create a dramatic visual statement and open up a range of possibilities in terms of layout.

We hope this has given you a flavour of what to consider when planning out your dream kitchen but if it all gets too much for you, then just relax and call us at Kitchen Fitters Glasgow on 0141 280 2523 and we can plan everything with you to ensure your dream design is realised.

14 Jul 2016

We at Kitchen Fitters Glasgow know how excited our clients are to start designing their dream kitchen just like those of the celebrities in the glossy magazines but before putting pencil to paper or mouse to art software it is important to take a step back and think how you use your kitchen to ensure that the kitchen you design not only looks good but functions efficiently on a day-in, day-out basis rather than something that looks good but is unsuitable for everyday use.

kitchen-worktop-kitchen fitters glasgow

To achieve this end, the concept of the kitchen triangle was born to help design efficient

kitchen layouts. Don’t worry though, it isn’t complicated like trigonometry or scary like the Bermuda Triangle (and no, Barry Manilow hasn’t sung about the kitchen triangle, as far as we know at least) – it simply highlights the fact that most work in the kitchen happens at three points – the sink, the cooker and the fridge so we imagine these three points joined by imaginary lines to create the kitchen triangle. Using this concept in most kitchens ensures that the layout is efficient so that the three main workstations are within easy reach of the cook without being too cramped and that other people in the kitchen are kept (as much as possible) out of the triangle to ensure a minimum of interruptions to the chef and to try and ensure safety in the kitchen.

It is important to take the triangle as a guideline rather than an absolute rule as the growth of the kitchen as a social space, often with an island in the centre, has meant that it becomes very difficult to incorporate a triangle into all layouts but it remains important to use its principles of efficiency and minimising interference when you are designing your kitchen on paper (or on screen) so you end up with something functional as well as visually appealing.

quartz-worktops- kitchen fitters glasgow

Kitchen Fitters Glasgow can help you with all aspects of design and to turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Call us today on 0141 280 2523 to make your (kitchen) dreams come true.

14 Jul 2016

Back in the day, kitchen worktops came in a limited number of materials, usually selected for their durability and/or cost-effectiveness, nowadays we see worktops available in all manner of materials and a frequent question from our customers is what material is the best? Well, as with all tough questions, “it depends” is usually the answer, that’s why at Kitchen Fitters Glasgow we look at your specific needs and suggest what our experience tells us will be the most suitable material for your work surfaces.


Below is a list of some of the major worktop materials available and a taster of the pros and cons of each one as a kitchen work surface.





granite worktop

Granite has a long history as a building material and a kitchen work surface due to its combination of an easy-to-maintain durability with beautiful appearance making it a popular choice these days for high-end, bespoke kitchens. It comes with a couple of downsides, one being cost and the other being its heavy weight – making it important that you hire professionals to make the best use of it.


Stainless steel

stainless steel worktops

Stainless steel is an increasingly-popular choice amongst our clients seeking a clean, modernist aesthetic. Its use in commercial kitchens is no coincidence, it is resistant to heat damage and staining and is easy to keep hygienically clean. Its downsides include relatively high cost, its difficulty to shape “on site” and the difficulty of maintaining a perfectly clean look as it tends to show water marks and streaks.



glass kitchen worktop

Another material gaining in popularity is glass which aids a clean, modern aesthetic (particularly when backlit with LEDs) and the toughened safety glass provides a durable, heat-resistant finish. As with stainless steel, it can be kept hygienically clean but shows water marks so requires a fair amount of cleaning. It provides an all-in-one look with no joins but can be very expensive.



kitchen fitters laminate wooden

Once the default choice if granite was just that bit too expensive for you, laminate remains a popular choice – it may not provide the high-end look of steel or glass (although more expensive laminates do a passable imitation of more expensive surfaces) and can be prone to heat damage but it is relatively inexpensive and properly-fitted and sealed can provide attractive work surfaces.



kitchen wooden worktop

Wood remains popular with those clients in historic properties and with those who still favour the farmhouse look. It can provide a beautiful, natural look which ages well (if properly-maintained) and will be a joy for years to come. It is, however, only for those who are prepared to look after, protect and maintain it on a regular basis otherwise it is relatively easy to mark and damage.


Whatever kitchen work surface you choose, a quality finish can be ensured by using the professional installation team at Kitchen Fitters Glasgow. Call us now on 0141 280 2523.

14 Jul 2016

At Kitchen Fitters Glasgow we are often approached by clients who love their existing kitchen and don’t want the inconvenience of having it “out of commission” for a full refit but just want to bring it into the 21st century, retaining its layout and appliances but giving it a new look. You too can treat your trusty old kitchen to a makeover for less than you might think as we retain the original structure of your existing kitchen.

We have the skills and experience to help guide you through the possibilities for giving a whole new look and feel to your kitchen so that you get the maximum “bang for your buck”. You’d be amazed at the transformation new cabinet doors, fascias, worktops and splashbacks can bring to your kitchen, all for a very affordable price.

Here is a before-and-after example to give you an idea of what can be achieved:

Kitchen makeover in glasgow

Call Kitchen Fitters Glasgow today on 0141 280 2523 to help you bring your kitchen bang up-to-date.